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Monthly Round Up

June 2021

Cove Update

June was a huge month for Cove for a whole host of reasons. From new products and new colours, to new people and experiences, there wasn't a dull moment. This month feels like a turning point for Cove and I'm so grateful for the love you've shown to the new products so far!

New Products

Over the past few months we've been working hard on our new SS21 range and couldn't be prouder of how it turned out! Last summer, our best selling product was our Born to be Outdoors tee which features a coastal graphic on the back. Building on Cove's connection to the sea, we set about designing a collection of graphic tees sharing this passion; our Wave, Live to Surf and Surfer tees were the result! Moreover, we worked with our talented ambassador Lydia Cooke to produce a new graphic tee, in keeping with the rest of the range and Lydia's passion for the outdoors. Aptly called the Lydia X Cove tee it is one of our best sellers from the new collection.

Lydia X Cove Tee

Cornwall Shoot

We kicked off with our biggest ever shoot down in Cornwall producing content for the new SS21 range. I'm very fortunate to have suc brilliant, creative team around me and am always amazed at what they produce!

Shooting in Cornwall


In mid-may we launched our first caps and since then we have been experimenting with an additional style. Updates to follow and to have your say, make sure you are following us on Instagram! We've also been updating our stock room and converting it into a new office space - exciting times!

Time with Friends

Last but not least, I had some time away from packing and posting orders. Instead I celebrated finishing my degree and getting into my masters with mates at uni. It was genuinely a complete coincidence that my friends turned up in their Cove tees, with James (left) wearing the first Cove tee that we ever sold!

Coming Soon

Following the launch of these new products, we're revisiting the core values of our brand and working on how we can better connect with our audience. Our new podcast Discover the Unknown is launching this Sunday and aims to share the insights of fascinating people who have accomplished incredible feats.

New Range // SS21
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Read This Month

A Walk from the Wild Edge - Jake Tyler

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jake about his incredible story on our new podcast. Jake takes us on his inspirational walk around the the country and openly talks about his battle with mental health. From the adventures Jake had, to the people he met, Lydia and I both read his book cover to cover in a matter of days and cannot recommend it enough.

A Walk From the Wild Edge
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Watch This Month

Over the last month, we must have watched Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet a dozen times. Narrated by the one and only David Attenborough, the Netflix production centres around scientist Johan Rockström and his work on ice-cores. We love this stuff and could talk about it for hours, however in it's simplest sense, the graph (below) shows how the average temperature naturally fluctuated for thousands of years, but stabilised 10,000 years ago. This miraculously stable inter-glacial period is known as the 'holocene' (denoting the present epoch). Average temperatures only fluctuated between +/- 1 degree, seasons were predictable and most importantly, could support human life as we know it.

Source: Netflix

However, Rockström's analysis continues and his academic work suggests that the increasing environmental pressures of the modern human age has resulted in the creation of our own geological epoch - the Anthropocene, called so because humans are dominant drivers of ecological change on planet earth. After establishing the current position, the narrative turns to the positive actions people, communities, businesses and countries can take to attempt to reverse the detrimental impacts we have caused thus far. One of these key actions is planting more trees, which is an initiative we have been actively encouraging since Cove began. Don't forget that we plant 10 trees for every sale - to read more about that, click here.

Source: Netflix

In summary, we really recommend this hour-long mini-doc. Attenborough's narration perfectly explains the situation and the positive spin leaves us wanting to implement these suggested actions and persuade others to do the right thing to. To watch it head over to Netflix or search for Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet.

Breaking Bad: The Science of Our Boundaries
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New Range // SS21
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Listen This Month

Who doesn't love a good podcast at the moment? Now I might be being a tiny bit biased here, however we have just launched our podcast Discover the Unknown. Hosted by our ambassador Lydia Cooke, new episodes launch fortnightly on Sunday @ 7pm. On each episode, Lydia chats to an extraordinary guest who has accomplished things they thought they couldn't and have stories that you need to hear! Click here to listen to our first episode and why not drop us a follow on Spotify!

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To Do This Month

Go for a Surf

Ok, so I know this is broad. But if you haven't tried it, or can't remember the last time you did, I bet if you give it a go, you'll be back. It has been proven that both having an uninterrupted line of site to the horizon and being in the sea have positive affects on your mental health. So in a pretty tough world, why wouldn't you? You never know, you may even stand up!

New Range // SS21
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