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A look into Cove Clothing's vision for the future


We are constantly adapting and changing our brand if we find a more environmentally positive alternative.

Our Future Vision

To make this one of the worlds most sustainable casual wear companies we understand we still have a big adventure ahead!

At Cove, we are continually looking to create new ranges of products that are made out of some of the worlds most progressive sustainable materials. Our "reborn" and "Kernow" collections are just the start. We are in the process of crafting Sweatshirts and looking to bring long-sleeve tees in the very near future. We are super excited!!!

We are looking to organise beach cleans and park cleaning. We are looking into running a marketing campaign whereby if you go out and collect a bin-bag of rubbish from your local beach or park, we will give you a discount off our casual wear.

If you haven't already, take a look at our "Circular" future.

We hope that through offering more than our high quality sustainable casual wear, tree planting and donating schemes. We are leaving one smaller footprint behind.

We hope you are keen to say "yes" to this adventure and join us on the beautiful road-trip ahead. The end destination is unknown at this moment in time but we know it will be a cleaner.

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Get in Contact

Cove Clothing strives to make sustainable living effortless. With this in mind to get to this point we need your help. We need to understand why or what is preventing people from committing to a sustainable lifestyle. We really are aiming to be more than just a casual wear brand, we want to educate, provide alternatives and help those trying to do better for the planet and people.

We love to hear about eco-friendly alternatives, articles, new ideas, basically anything that is making our planet a cleaner and a more sustainable place to live.

The best way to get in touch is to use our chatbot. Start a conversation with us right now.

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Our Sustainable Principles