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Materials & Fabrics

Our Materials Are Always Sustainable

Cove Clothing only uses the latest sustainable and high quality materials to craft our casual wear.

The Reborn Collection story

Cove Clothing strives to use the most progressive sustainable materials on the planet. We were shocked to find that 60% of all new garments are made from new plastic. This has to change! Thats why we have crafted Our Reborn collection which is one of the worlds most sustainable casual wear material.

We call it the “re-born” fabric. This collection is completely made from purposing material which was heading to landfill. We save the organic cotton trimmings which is the excess waste from the textile industry, heading to landfill. We then shred them and turn them back into super soft cotton fibres. We then add recycled plastic bottles to obtain this new “re-born” material blend. Then this “re-born” blend is spun into fine yarn. This yarn then produces our super soft and durable fabric, which is used to craft our high quality Casual wear. Our Reborn collection is one of the worlds most sustainable casual wear ranges.

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The Organic Collection

We understand that the fact we use organic cotton doesn't just make a collection sustainable. We want to stay away from Greenwashing you unlike many other firms.

The entire production process is controlled and certified in accordance with the latest version of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Therefore, all our products have met strict social and environmental criteria, which means you can be rest assured our casual wear is minimising its damage to the planet.

1) Organic cotton emits up to 46% less greenhouse gas than non-organic.
2) It uses 84% less water to grow.
3) Organic farmers us natural methods to control pesticides.

Organic cotton only represents 1% of global cotton production

This has to change. It doesn't just save water and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals. It is also better for people. It is super soft, better for your skin and also very durable.

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Eco-friendly Water ink

Our casual wear isn't just made out of some of the most progressive sustainable materials but also the ink we use doesn't cause damaged to the environment.

Our WATER BASED inks have excellent colour fastness and high elasticity with no cracking. The print will outlast the garment.

Our WATER BASED inks are:

• 100% non-hazardous
• 100% Toxic free
• Biodegradable
• Contain zero animal by products
• Safe for infants and babies
• Global Organic Textile standard approved (GOTS)

Recycled Inserts

All our inserts that are used alongside our product to make it easier to inform you the sustainable benefits of our products are from a circular process. This means the card we use is 100% recycled and can be recycled over and over again. Increasing the life-cycle of this card. So please make sure you put it in the recycling box after read.

Our Sustainable Principles