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Compostable and Biodegradable


Using only the latest sustainable and certified natural materials to deliver our casual wear.

Eco Packaging

We have sourced sustainably innovative packaging that is made from natural resin, it is ‘OK Compost!’ certified. Yes, that's right it's that sustainable.

Our vegan packaging contains NO PLASTIC at all and is built for re-use. We have designed  our packaging with reusability in mind, as we feel it adds so much more value to an unwrapping experience. We want to remove that "guilty" feeling you feel when you open an item. It's time to change the current view point of packaging "open it and then throw it away".

All our packaging is made from natural materials that are also renewable. Our packaging partner responsibly manage and source natural materials that can regenerate and replenish themselves on a human timescale.

We want you to know that your tee is heading to you within a bag made from natural resin.

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Natural Materials

Our packaging is made from a starch based material. No plastic at all!

Your casual wear will arrive to you in a biodegradable foil bad made from natural starch with an organic white texture.

This bag is 100% biodegradable and even Compostable. Therefore, when you rip our packaging in excitement to receive our casual wear you don't need to feel guilty anymore.

Just make sure you put it in the recycling bin!

Volume Reduction

Cove Clothing only uses packaging that has been designed to exactly fit the dimensions of our casual wear.

This means we use less material as we only use no excess fabric.

Furthermore, it also means your package takes up less space during transit. This directly results in fewer carbon emissions produced as our deliveries can be more efficient.

Moreover, we further reduce volume by avoiding using unnecessary materials such as tissue paper. This further fits with our environmental commitments.


All of the resin used to craft this sustainable packaging is all sourced to be renewable.

Our partner packaging company understands that the fact the packaging is made from natural materials can still play a role in destroying fragile environments. Therefore, they only source these natural ingredients from locations that are sustainably harvested.

While there are no ‘renewable’ certifications in the industry of packaging, our partner does it best to maintain the integrity of it's renewable labelled products.

Our Sustainable Principles