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It's more than just a tee

Recycling & Donating

It's odd to think that the way forwards is to go in a "circle".

Our Circular Scheme

Cove Clothing is building a company which is creating casual wear which is made from waste and made to last. At Cove, we do not only want to use waste but we also want to prevent it. Therefore, it is our responsibility not to put you in a position to have to add to  and-fills. We hate that "feeling".

This is why at Cove, our team is developing a scheme whereby after a year of wearing and exploring in our casual wear, you can send the tee back to us and we will re-use the material back into crafting our new range. When you send it back you are not only preventing the fabric from ending up in landfill or even worse our ocean, you will also personally receive discounts off our new collections and plant additional trees.

Our Reborn Collection is made from 100% recycled materials destined for landfill and therefore we never want this waste to end up in landfill, over-wise all we are doing is prolonging it's journey. Therefore, our tees are being designed in a way in which they can be returned and remade again and again, the future really is "circular".

We hope that by operating the "Circular" scheme we are encouraging you not to be careful with your casual wear. Wearing it more than the average "7 times!". Our Causal Wear isn't developed for just the sofa it was "BORN TO BE OUTDOORS".

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Casual Wear for Everyone

We have also made a massive commitment as a start-up brand to donate a tee for every two items bought. We really do believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore in comfort and leave the smallest of footprints behind.

We have partnered up with numerous charities, we hope that by making this commitment we will make not only environmental impact but also a social one. We really do see that by helping people we are also helping our planet. It's time for brands to see the planet, people and profit all on the same level.

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Our Sustainable Principles