We Plant 10 Trees Per Sale


Explore whilst leaving the smallest of traces behind

Crafting casual wear based on progressive sustainability.
We don't just avoid damaging the environment, but we actively drive positive environmental and social impact.



Trees Planted

By our community through purchasing products via our site

Our Environmental Commitment

The fashion industry and current trends towards Casual Wear must change. Every purchase we make must have the planet in mind. Some people may call Cove an eco-brand but we just see it as common sense.

At Cove, we are committed to being constantly innovative in order to achieve our objectives and minimise any potential damage to our planet. With 3 out of 5 tees bought today thrown away within 12 months, nearly a dump truck of clothing going to landfill every second and the average life expectancy of a piece of clothing being 7 times. The casual wear industry is one of the most damaging industries to our planet.

At Cove we are trying to transform this and make Casual wear at the forefront at tackling Climate Change.

Through the use of recycled materials, biodegradable packaging and planting trees, Cove is at the forefront of environmentalism within fashion. We really are one of the most progressively sustainable Casual Wear brand on earth.

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Our Value Propostiton

Never to be compromised


From our materials to our plastic free packaging, we are committed to our environmental principles. The planet is embodied at the core of Cove.


We are constantly searching for new ways to improve our brand as we strive to become carbon negative.


Through our various platforms, we aim to inspire others to go our and explore whilst leaving the smallest of traces on the environment.

10 Trees Planted per order

Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

90% Renewable Energy

Biodegradable & Compostable Packaging

PETA Vegan Approved

Eco-friendly Water ink

FAIR WEAR Approved

Global Organic Textile (GOTs)

Our Sustainable Principles